Monday, August 9, 2010

Vomitorium- Diabetes Dumpling (2006)

A few months after we made "The Acid Demos" I moved the New York. I was doing a solo noveltype tour and picked up Ariel while I was driving through Tennessee on my way to Pensacola,FL to meet friends.

Since I knew we were doing a Vomitorium show in Miami later, I was traveling with a bunch of bell and whistles (literally). When we arrived we met Dany who was moving into a townhouse. His kitchen was all tile and not furnished yet, so we decided to make a new Vomitorium album then and there.

The only original members of Vomitorium on this album are Ariel and myself, but that's never been the point of this stuff. Being that we were in someone's home and without drums this record sounds a bit like a folk album.

This is easily some of the most fun I've ever had making something. We just sat in the middle of the kitchen with some of friends from Pensacola, who could all actually play instruments and were enthusiastic and in the right mood to make something happen. Thom Ulmer is playing guitar throughout the whole album and had some of the chord progressions written out prior while the rest of us just improvised over it. "Empanada Violenta 1-3" was a 10 minute duet between myself on Banjo and Thom on Guitar that I cut into 3 parts to give the record a flow of sorts.


1. Dany's Townhouse
2. Diabetic Romances
3. Empanada Violenta 1 de 3
4. Fun With Racism
5. Cheddar Cheese Girl
6. Empanada Violenta 2 de 3
7. Pinstriped Banjo
8. Lots of Bells
9. Empanada Violenta 3 de 3
10. Mr. Malcolm's Snake

RSA- Vocals, Banjo, Melodica, Glockenspiel, Kazoo, Percussion
Ariel Almeida- Vocals,Ukulele, Melodica, Percussion
Thom Ulmer- Guitar
Audrey Attardo- Vocals, Flute, Melodica, Glockenspiel, Percussion
Sharron Kirby- Vocals, Flute, Percussion
Lydia Kirby- Vocals, Spoons, Percussion