Friday, June 11, 2010

noveltype "Clementine & Perfume"

For people who know what noveltype was and just want to listen to the album and not have to scroll through my babblings, here's the link : "Clementine & Perfume"

For those who are curious as to the nature of this album, where it came from, why I waited 3 years to put it out, why I spent 2 years making it etc.. read on.

Several years ago I began recording what was meant to be the follow up to my first proper solo album under the name "noveltype". The album prior had come out of necessity. The rock version of the band had fallen apart and I was left alone to record the batch of new songs I had in mind. I spend a few months fleshing out what became "Me, You, Zach & How I've Been" a record I have trouble listening to to this day. When it was done, like a lot of things I make, I hated it and knew I could make something better. Whether I have achieved that or not is a matter of taste.

As an engineer, musician, songwriter and even listener I was evolving. I had started to record some songs in Hialeah,FL and then made the move to Brooklyn,NY after a few months of recording. Upon moving here I basically holed up in my apartment, ate through my savings and would do very little besides play, write and record music in between eating ramen and watching the Beatles Anthology DVD's. I probably recorded over 30 songs in this period. At the same time, I would grow restless and angry when things weren't working out so a lot of those recordings were permanently deleted from my laptop and gone forever. When I sank deeper into depression I decided I should try to play with other musicians.

As I met a few other musicians and got turned on to different music I started other projects and would come to view noveltype as a side project. This is how it fell into the back round for quite sometime and eventually when I took a good look at what noveltype meant to me, where it was coming from and why it existed I took it out to the middle of a field (Churchill's) and shot it dead (played one final show).

That was in December of 2007. I had just finished tracking a song before that happened and started recording in December of 2005. In those 2 years of work I had about 15 somewhat finished songs and countless hours of ideas that I got upset and completely deleted. Out of the 15 there were only 10 that had decent enough mixes and were good enough to be on an album, upon revisiting them just a few days ago.

It took me this long to put it out partly because I couldn't stand to listen to it for personal reasons and upon releasing the Legitimate Sons album I suddenly was able to listen to some of my music objectively.


Disclaimer: all of the pops, and clicks and erroneous sounds are intentional or just left in because I liked it. I recommend listening to it at a relatively loud level on headphones first.


1. Does Every Song Have To Be So Long?
Recorded in April 2006 in my living room in about 20 minutes.
RSA: Acoustic Guiatrs & Vocals

2. Hallmark Wonder Mope & The Miami Museum of Science
Recorded in my apartment in both Hialeah & Brooklyn as well as Jeff & Max's by the beach.
RSA: Acoustic and Electric Guitar, Auto Harp, Theremin, Vocals
Jeff Rollason- Basses
Max Dance- Glockenspiel, Pitch Pipe

3. Pincher's Eel
Recorded on my bed in Brooklyn & at Dany's Townhouse in Pensacola,FL
RSA: Pitched Down Acoustic Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar
Alex Cordovi- Feedback
Audrey Attardo- Flute
Sharon Kirby- Flute

4. Sidney Sax
Recorded in my apartment in Hialeah & Brooklyn
RSA: Electronic Piano, Farfisa, Slide Guitar, Octave Guitar, Glockenspiel, Percussion
Mike (I don't remember his last name, sorry!): Cello

5. Meant To Be Played At My Funeral
Recorded in my apartment in Brooklyn & Amado's House in Hialeah
RSA: Electronic Pianos, Organ, Electric Guitars
Amado Ventura: Acoustic & Electric Bass

6. Song Of Murder
Recorded in my apartment in Brooklyn
RSA: Piano, Accordion, Cymbals, Vocals

7. Sugar Plum
Recorded on my bed in Brooklyn & The Shack North in Hialeah
RSA: Ukulele, Glockenspiel, Melodica, Vocals
Rimsky Pons- Bass, Drums, Keys, Vocal Harmonies
Ferny Coipel- Laughing
Jeff Rollason- Talking

8. Ojos Carmelita
Recorded in my living room in Hialeah
RSA: Keyboard, Effects, Percussion, Drum Machine "Programming" , Nose Flute, Vocal

9. Uke Love Song
Recorded in my apartment in Brooklyn
RSA: Ukulele, Drums, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Vocals
Audrey Attardo: Backing Vocals
Joshua Lawrence: Trumpets

10. Every Song
Improvised in a trailer home outside of Hialeah
RSA: Acoustic Guitar, Vocal (lyrics inspired by the musings of Hildemar Cruz)
Los 13: Accordion

I would like to thank all of the beautiful and talented people who helped me make this record. Most of them now being completely unaware that I am "releasing" it or that what were recording was even for this album.

I earnestly hope you can enjoy this music.

With Love & Prog,

Ruben Sindo Acosta

Monday, June 7, 2010

Legitimate Sons- Legitimate Songs

After about a year of having finished these recordings Zach and I have decided to release them to the public. This is the very first batch of recordings that we made as Legitimate Sons. They were made in the basement of my apartment, "Psych Dungeon Studios", using my laptop, an Mbox, and Zach's 4 Track.

Most of these are first takes. The only sounds on this album are guitar and drums, with some live tape manipulations done by Zach on my drums.

We are working on our next record "Son of Legitimate Songs" now and look forward to giving it to all who care to have it. Thanks a lot to the people who support us doing this. We're having a lot of fun and look forward to seeing you all at The Woods on June 23rd when we play with Para Medics & Stark and Nimo!!

Here's the link to the album: Legitimate Sons- Legitimate Songs

With Love & Prog,

Ruben Sindo Acosta