Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Vomitorium- Acid Demos (2006)

For about 4 years, the only project I've been involved with that I would be able to listen to for pleasure was "Vomitorium". Vomitorium is, as described on the myspace page, "a bunch of kids from Hialeah making music together that's not always together". This statement I think sums up exactly what this first album is all about. Clattering, obnoxious, hard to listen to, but depending on the person hilarious and enjoyable.

Right before I moved to New York I was working making sandwiches with, by chance, a lot of my friends from high school. All of us were artists in one way, some of us where musicians and all of us wanted to do something together. Alex Diaz had come up with the name Vomitorium (a fitting name since we all worked at a gross sandwich shop) and everyone agreed we'd get together to record "demos". We had one almost sort of rehearsal where the first half of the second track on this record was written vaguely. A few nights later we all went out to my rehearsal studio which was an old trailer home off of Okeechobee Rd in Hialeah. I had my laptop, Mbox, an SM57 and a cheap small diaphragm condenser mic. I place each mic on opposite ends of the room, hit record and with all of the gear scattered about the room made an album.

I debated whether I should post this specific album first (we made 3 and an EP) even though it is our first. It's very... well it sort of feels like an inside joke. One that maybe people who don't know us, or aren't from Hialeah may not find very funny. However, I think it's weirdness can be enjoyable no matter what. So, being the shit show that it is, I give you The Acid Demos

1. Cigar
2. What Are You Havin' ?
3. CAG
4. Mornin'
5. God God Damnit Damnit
6. CAG 2
7. Community Canvas
8. Polka March
9. Alex's Cuntry Song
10. Becky

All of these songs were improvised except for the first half of Track 2 & Track 9

Vomitorium is (from what I remember of people who were there and playing):
Alex Diaz (melodica, guitar, cymbals, stomping)
Jon Collazo (accordion, bongo/pakapaka, vocals, stomping, drums)
Andrew (guitar, fucking awesome drums from hell, stomping, insane laughter)
Ariel Almeida (vocals, bass drum,percussion, snare drum, stomping)
Los 13 (guitar, drums, vocals)
Tony Espinosa (guitar, vocals)
Ruben (guitar, drums, cymbals, vocals, melodica, accordion, stomping, tambourine,)
Becky (maracas, tambourine)

With Love & Prog (but not so much prog here...),

Ruben Sindo Acosta

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