Monday, June 7, 2010

Legitimate Sons- Legitimate Songs

After about a year of having finished these recordings Zach and I have decided to release them to the public. This is the very first batch of recordings that we made as Legitimate Sons. They were made in the basement of my apartment, "Psych Dungeon Studios", using my laptop, an Mbox, and Zach's 4 Track.

Most of these are first takes. The only sounds on this album are guitar and drums, with some live tape manipulations done by Zach on my drums.

We are working on our next record "Son of Legitimate Songs" now and look forward to giving it to all who care to have it. Thanks a lot to the people who support us doing this. We're having a lot of fun and look forward to seeing you all at The Woods on June 23rd when we play with Para Medics & Stark and Nimo!!

Here's the link to the album: Legitimate Sons- Legitimate Songs

With Love & Prog,

Ruben Sindo Acosta

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