Friday, May 7, 2010


We left San Antonio after a lovely dip in the pool. We listened to some of Ornette Coleman's "Science Fiction" and then Sly & The Family Stone's "There's A Riot Goin On". We arrived to Mohawk early and loaded in. Then we realized how early we still were regardless of taking our time. We walked around Austin and realized what a not so cool place it can be in downtown.

We stepped into a coffee shop and I ordered a Cranberry/Strawberry Smoothie and had an orange as well. Nehemiah and I discussed Dylan's "All Along The Watchtower". Mainly talking about him being 12 years old and having an old hippie tell him "You like the Dylan version better because you've never done LSD and listened to the Hendrix version". This idea made me laugh and the smoothie was delicious. We got done and headed back to the venue.

Mohawk is probably the nicest spot I've seen in Austin. We played indoors as opposed to the very large and awkward looking outdoor stage. We hung out in the outdoor, upstairs patio area for a bit and I walked down to watch the first band which was sort of just a bad and plain version of Ween to me. I clapped politely during their set and was excited to play tonight more so than usual. Since before the set we discussed one song having dragged more than usual and I felt a bit threatened to be honest. Being the pulse keeper of a very pulse intensive band makes you question a whole lot about your sense of feel.

We went on and had what I personally believe to be the best set we've done all tour. We played the 2 songs that had been cut from the past few shows and they worked way better after having some time off. I probably bruised my thighs and knees pretty bad but I felt great about my playing and our set. It was the first time since Boise a few days ago that I felt like the audience was really feeling the band more so than just Arrington and his thing. Both things I feel are worth attention but I think Nehemiah and myself were really on point tonight and were worth just as much attention.

We finished and I hung out upstairs in the patio again. Unfortunately, I missed Yellow Fever's set but I bet they were great. We spoke briefly but earnestly after the show and they really enjoyed our set as much as I imagine I would have enjoyed their's. I spoke to them about hanging out in Brooklyn and how much it has to do with the people you are with more so than the situation you're in.

Now were are staying with a very nice woman who sat on Arrington's lap on the way here and let me use her laptop. I put on Can's "Future Days" and life feel gorgeous. Lafayette,LA tomorrow and the Tallahassee,FL!!

With Love & Prog,
Ruben Sindo Acosta

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