Friday, April 30, 2010

Arrington Tour Days 3-5ish

SO! The tour has actually begun. I am sitting in a coffee shop in Salt Lake City, Utah using a very nice lady's computer!

I awoke the morning of our first show about 2 hours earlier than everyone else, as usual. However instead of having a laptop to keep me company I decided to go for a jog. I put on my "cheerleader" shorts and his the Olympia Road. I jog along The Puget Sound for a bit and went through a nature trail and realized that the hills in this town are mad steep and a good work out! I wasn't absolutely dead when I was done so I felt good about not having jogged for a few days prior.

I arrived back on the porch of the house and it instantly started pouring rain. I sat back on the lovely red velvet couch on the porch and listened to the seagulls and rain for a bit. It really did sound like I was on a beach. The dark clouds above had patches of sunlight that would arrive and really cook the ground... it was magical.

We headed over to the venue and met with Tatsuya who was playing a solo percussion set. The opening band was called Glow Tips. I rather enjoyed their set actually. They had an Kraut vibe to them but it wasn't derivative at all. The Tatsuya played his set and it was a pleasure to see particularly in such a small space (the living room of the house). I saw he had made a record with Mary Halverson and I got a copy of it. We listened to it the next morning it I'm excited to blast the clear LP when I get home!

I played my first show with Arrington and though I was crazy sloppy had a really great time. Pretty much everyone in the room had seen Malaikat before and seemed to be open to my version of what we do. Someone told Nehemiah that we were the Metal Version. I also received what I think is my favorite compliment to my drumming "I'm not sure if that was murder or rape, but I loved it!" Then I mentioned it was probably murder due to my history in the family business.

We sat in the usual drummer of Malaikat's room and listened to some great music. The funniest being Sleng Teng. Sleng Teng is a strange pocket of Dancehall music centered around one Casio beat that doesn't ever change tempo or key. One beat, one studio, one producer and countless people coming in and singing their own song over it... in any key... it's kind of great.

I crashed and awoke the next morning thinking about how much I need to focus and save my energy so I don't burn out mid set. It was a quick drive to Portland and we drove around for a bit before parking and going to a much needed drum store. I now have my own stool! I had true Stumptown coffee and it was delicious. We loaded into the venue and the opening act Million Brazilians was set up. I order a vegetarian Pasty from the bar and it was delicious. I got to see Brendan from Late Night Curly and it was awesome catching up with him.

We went on to a pretty full club and with the first snare hit my stick shattered in my hand. This set felt was better that the night before. I got sweatier there was a more solid connection between the band too. Someone asked Arrington "where the fuck did you find that drummer?!" it was flattering. We were hosted by a gracious women who's name escapes me but she had a killer apartment and Arminda's same Owl Teapot!

We woke up and grabbed more Stumptown (MMM!) and started the 8 hour drive to Boise,ID. We arrived in one piece and they had Lagunitas Pils on tap! As well as Stone IPA. I was a happy man (4 drink tickets!!). This was more of a rock club type setting and I was worried at first. The opening act was With Child, it was extremely well done O'Rourke style pop. The La Knots played next, younger kids... like couldn't stay at the bar after their set young. Apparently the rhythm section was comprised of the son and daughter of the drummer of Built To Spill. They were a trashy blues rock band and it was enjoyable.

I tuned my snare drum higher and we tore into our set finally with an audience wanting to be blasted with sound and all about dancing their asses off. This show would have been absolutely flawless had my pedal not torn right through the kick drum. I tried not to be a queen but I threw my drum sticks at the drums after trying to compensate with the floor tom. Then we jammed on a riff Arrington randomly played... it was total Velvet Underground shit!

After tons of compliments and nice people we stayed with some very nice people to whom I suggested Cave, Can, Neu! & Afuche(duh). We just got into Salt Lake City and I have to return this laptop.

I love & miss my Brooklyn

With love & prog,
Ruben Sindo Acosta

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