Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Arrington Tour Day 2

I seem to still be on Eastern Time. I'm getting up about an hour or so before everyone and going to bed earlier as well. Realistically we're going to be bouncing Time Zones come tomorrow anyway so it's not really a huge deal.

Yesterday was very chill and fantastic. Started off the day by grabbing some coffee from Olympia Coffee Roasting Co. with Nehemiah at the suggestion of Arrington's roommate. I was really happy to have someone else who just NEEDED coffee.

We grabbed a cup and decided to walk down this nature trail that lead to Puget Sound. We talked about funk, horrid jam bands, Wayne Shorter and eventually The Band. We sat on a bench in front of Puget Sound and it smelled a lot like the Jaws ride at Universal Studios in Orlando. So much so that I couldn't help but mention it several times during our chat. We walked back through the trail which looked a lot like the ET ride... mixed with a little Star Wars (the Ewok part). Obviously I grew up in a place where breath taking nature could only be man made in a theme park.

Upon walking back we both wanted more coffee (fiends we are). In true hippie fashion we asked the barista to just reuse our previous cup and the nice lady obliged. We walk back to Arrington's house (which is called The Garden of Sweden) and sit out in the back yard talk about Pho and Grilled Nectarines (MMMM!!!).

Arrington heads out to pick up his daughter so she can take some press photos of us. We set the gear up in the basement/garage (it's actually the ground floor, but the house is on a hill and you need to walk downstairs... what do I call it?). He gets back and we meet Lucinda. We start to do some shots of us just playing through the material and inevitably there are some photos where my hair is standing straight up mid "head bang". We do some more in the basement with a picture frame and for a few of them I wear Arrington's glasses (it was funny ha ha). Then we head up stairs and do some posed shots with Arrington's drawings projected onto us. We have some funny moments. We do an energy exchange then that I can actually feel... weird hippie shit man! We get done with that and head down to rehearse.

We sound 50% better than yesterday and I thought we sounded good yesterday. We've rearranged one song and the 3 newer songs and have really taken shape. I am so happy I can actually play like myself! I introduce a few odd meter ideas and a lot of linear drumming techniques that I've been all about recently (total L Sons shit). I feel welcome to do all of this and Arrington and Nehemiah seem to be all about it as well.

We get done rehearsing and head to downtown for some food at Old School Pizza... it was OK. There were some awesome Dio posters and Larry Bird posters as well. We walk by a record store and I remember that I really NEED a copy of "Time and a Word" by Yes on vinyl. Then we head back to the house and just hang on the porch and listen to music for a bit. I play Mitchell and Nehemiah some cuban music and Legitimate Sons. I couldn't help showing Nehemiah Afuche as well. I am so fucking happy Afuche is what it is right now. I played him the recording of our show at Zebulon and some of the newer 4 track stuff and couldn't be prouder to be a part of it! It turns out that the Cake Shop show on May 22nd is going to be an Old Time Relijun show now! FUN FUN!!

We head to downtown to grab some food at Le Voyeur and I order a Sloppy Hippie with a Dogfish Head...that cost $4!!! The sloppy sandwich is quite a challenge but I got through most if had a Green Flash IPA that was awesome! and $4 as well?!! We walk back in the rain and it smells like Jaws again. The roommates are watching Ring of Fire. A great documentary about Indonesia and it's culture as studied by 2 british dudes. There are 5? parts I think. We watched the end of part 3 and started watching part 1 but I knocked out and realized in my head it was 1am and I had stayed up until 4am(est) the night before.

I awake realizing the dream I had that I broke my mallets was just a nightmare and I am excited to go jogging today along the water. Trust me, these posts will get shorter and shorter when I am not staying in the same place every day.

With love and Prog,

Ruben Sindo Acosta

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  1. Don't shorten the posts! The details are what makes it fun!!